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No they wont

the only thing that’s consistent, is that you are alone

this morning i got bad news, but bad news is there so you can make it no news…and no news, is, from what I hear good news.

Lost in Content

It’s strange being with someone excruciatingly smart, beautiful, generous and kind. strange is scary all around.


I heard a poem, that sounded like a song, whose words I didnt understand, but do at this hour, about a drummer, drumming, at night; but I cant find it…so this will have to do.


دف دف بدف بدف



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Patternless Brutalities

This morning I heard a poet say, that songs must rhyme, that true poetry has a rhythm and flow, a pattern. And I think he is wrong, because I see poetry in a random block of concrete- placed beside a bed – that can creep up during the night and crush your skull in clean…

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Girl Things

baby, baby me so much I can be a baby, and then say I dont want a baby.

baby, baby me so much, I feel like a spoilt baby, and then say i love you baby, you small little baby.

baby, baby me, here, baby me there, baby me in your arms, and in your bed. 

baby, baby me over the phone, and over coffee,and over bread. Baby.

Baby me, because now we’ve gone too far to say, come back baby.

you saved me, now baby me; Baby.

my baby.

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Plus Signs

you said to think positive, so im thinking positive, this is the room I want, complete with the real cat and the china bunny…Im willing to compromise on the cat though…

also, take out the marilyn and replace it with Joan, and take out the fashion mag and replace it with Sandman…and you’ve got it all perfect

the wooden ceilings are a must, i need wood. always, forever, wood.

but seriously though, could we have both…if im nice and promise to make the bed every other morning, and not hog the jam and not shove gargantuous amounts of bread in my mouth thus acting lady like and proper….?

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so much better

through your lense.

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I dont think I’ll write for a while. And I dont think I’ll pose for a while, and I’m pretty sure there wont be anymore pictures of me for a while, and I’m not leaving the house for a while…except than to maybe go for a concert on friday. Im just hating myself all over tonight.

Im sorry if can’t be as pretty brilliant deep as your last one.

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